♦     What is a Digital V-card / Mini Website ? 
     Digital V-card is a Virtual Digital Representation of your profile with details including your personal information, contact details, services, products, bank details and many more.                      Digital card allows the world to get in touch with you in a simpler and convenient way. 
      Once you have made your digital card you can easily share your profile in many ways. The other person who sees your profile, the services, and the products you serve can send enquiry or buy. That is how your business grows. 

♦   What are the benefits of your Digital V-Card? 

a)  Share -   You can share your digital card in 5 different ways namely                                                                                               (WhatsApp saved contact | WhatsApp unsaved contact | SMS | E-mail | QR code ).

 b)   Bio - After you have shared your profile, the person who sees your profile goes to your service or product section where he/she can send enquiry to you or even Buy from you. These options are available in your card. 

c)    Banking - Fund transfer feature is available in this card where you can set your net banking details and also you can configure your Google pay or Phone Pe from wallet payment. You can also configure your PayPal account to get international payments. 

d)    Own Theme -You can design your own card using themes to look more attractive. 

e)    This Digital Card is very user friendly and easy to use for everyone. 

f)    This Digital Card is a one link information which covers your entire portfolio and looks more like a website when you open it on your laptop or PC. 

g)    You can add any number of images and videos which will all be under your card.